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Shameless ( 1 minute ago )

kaveeone : Kevin did it all wrong. He should just go with his nature, and be a "top". "Bottoming" just isn't him, being straight and all. He should just try being a "top". He'd get THAT right. Be a TOP Kevin! :-)

Graves ( 7 minutes ago )

Lucy18960 : A positive episode across the board. I really enjoy this show. Always lots of laughs and some touching moments.

Marvel's Iron Fist ( 13 minutes ago )

vonwafer234 : Man, they missed what could've been even more iconic if they showed the reaction to the deranged mental patient Danny ran by in the end lol

Wisdom of the Crowd ( 15 minutes ago )

dmiller458 : How many times is Hollywood going to remake Person of Interest badly?

The Walking Dead ( 24 minutes ago )

the_real_rmc : I think dwight should have ran off...He knows all about the saviours territory...Just get outside of that and keep moving... see what the rest of the world has to offer

The Walking Dead ( 28 minutes ago )

elb11 : Not sure what I watched here but the only thing that really mattered was the last 5 mins. From start to end was really dark, not in story but in color or visual aspect other than the blast so it was hard to see what was going on for real, but wasnt keeping my interest either way sadly. But Im thankful for the opportunity to be able to watch it so thank you uploaders!!

The Walking Dead ( 31 minutes ago )

MICHAELMYERS : why did carl have to lose his eye ... its f up watching it .. i bet writers said yeah we f up on this one .. i mean danm they kill off good charaters by negan big shocker!!!!!! and give carl the shaft ? 1 eye guy .... dosent seem right! at lease give him a fake eye dam it!

The Walking Dead ( 39 minutes ago )

shakadechamp : seriously annoying

The Walking Dead ( 40 minutes ago )

BUDDHA512 : Now that's how you end mid season. Leaving us wanting more,begging for more. Just WOW.

Graves ( 44 minutes ago )

starshineontop : A great end to the season and I'm looking forward to next season for more!

The Walking Dead ( 50 minutes ago )

mrnobody130442 : woooo!this ending is totally not in the comic

Shameless ( 52 minutes ago )

nineteen63 : How the fuck did I miss a week? No wonder this week has been shit, I missed my Shameless, what the FUCK, SHAME ON ME. SUCH a good episode! Way to go Carl!

Strip the Cosmos ( 53 minutes ago )

Marcfrog : This here is the best science show there is:

The Walking Dead ( 56 minutes ago )

_Grim_reaper_ : I do prefer FTWD more then TWD :/ It just has a way better vibe even though it sometimes suffersfrom the same illnesses,however,the roadblock scene made no sense to me...

Psych The Movie ( 1 hour ago )

PaleHorse4 : Awesome! I had no idea they had a movie. It made my month!

Angel ( 1 hour ago )

Dolls4fun : "cry-buffy" lol makes me reminiscent of those buffy putdowns by Cordy

The Woman in Green ( 1 hour ago )

malaysiaboy : Good mystery/thriller. As usual it was very interesting and entertaining to watch.

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

DarkNightwing : I would love this show xmillion more if they would make it at least bright enough to see what’s actually going on in front of the camera! I get it, you’re setting a dark tone, but I CAN’T SEE THE SHOW!!! I have to wait for an explosion just to see who’s on screen? You made an entire season in a jail without electricity, and the night shots were more visible than shots of people outside? Did someone block the moon ala Simpson’s and the show just forgot to mention it?!?

Counterpart ( 1 hour ago )

neildammit : I'm intrigued for more, but I feel like this is going to be a good show that doesn't pull a big audience.

Star Trek: Discovery ( 1 hour ago )

phileo99 : It's got the usual Star Trek components, but It's not the same Star Trek continuity that Trekkie fans are used to. However, it is presenting an intriguing story line and I for one am interested in following this to see where this goes.

Family Guy ( 1 hour ago )

Dante89 : An okay christmas episode not much feeling of it , would've had a christmas adventure with Stewie and Brian instead. The jokes felt kinda forced and boring. 5/10

Shameless ( 1 hour ago )

MontyFly : Somehow I knew Fiona would end up doing what she did. Great episode even if there wasn't much shamelessness happening.

Family Guy ( 1 hour ago )

EyeCandy8701 : Merry Christmas from the Griffins!

Family Guy ( 1 hour ago )

MyongSooksoo : Pretty decent episode! Carters call to his grandmother was my favorite!

Marvel's The Punisher ( 1 hour ago )

Dancingirl : Seriously now I'm getting bored, nothing is happening the whole ep except at the eNd. 6 eps in and only 2 action scenes WTF! There is more punishing in Chicago PD than this, The freaking Punisher!

The Expanse ( 1 hour ago )

sam_mainman : Syfy renewed The Expanse for a 13-episode third season to air in 2018.

Designated Survivor ( 1 hour ago )

humanhybred : The Anesthesia challenge, I've never made it to 96, lol

Graves ( 1 hour ago )

shakadechamp : I love this show

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

Maudraum : Okay, that's it. I know, I know, people say it all the time that they're done with this show, but keep watching. After this fiasco of an episode, what should be obvious to most is now confirmed. This show went from being intriguing as hell to a massive corporate cash cow, and I'm sure Scott M. "Simple" Gimple and the rest had everything to do with that. <> I will continue reading the comic online seeing as it's what the show should be, but isn't. I think Kirkman should have tried his best with having it aired on a premium cable channel so that they could stick closer to the source material, and not have it turn into the clusterfuck it is now. Too many needless speeches, too much of the cartoonish Neegie Weegie, etc, etc. I'd been losing interest over time, and now I'm wiping my ass with it. <> There are thankfully other shows not so new and new which are really good, and I have them to replace this once great show. I can say I at least gave it a chance. I stuck around for seven seasons, and after season 3, to quote Tom Hardy's character in "The Revenant", well, it all went fuck. And it did sadly. All you other fans who wish to stick with come February and on, knock yourselves out. This shit sandwich is off my menu now. <>

Wonder Woman ( 1 hour ago )

Sarsaparilla : Good superhero movie for sure. The only downside in my opinion was the slow motion in every single fight scene; it worked for Sherlock Holmes because he explained what he was doing. Pausing in a crucial moment for dramatic effect is fine every once in a while, but not every 5 seconds. Other than that Perfect. Great acting by all and the cast fit the characters very well.

Fall of Grayskull ( 1 hour ago )

ddjoyce : That was great!

The Pirates of Somalia ( 2 hours ago )

BeautifulDaze : Fan Frigging tastic film.. You never saw Melanie Griffith? She was his mother and if you came for Melanie G. you need to go back to the 90s.. As for Pacino I thought he played a useful character and furthermore no drama? He was not only a white dude.. He was a white dude plus everyone around him (who happened to have guns being a prerequisite on becoming a pirate) thought he was also an American & possibly CIA..! American white dudes who become hostages are a huge news and money makers for the pirates hence him reminding everyone around him that he in fact was NOT American but a good ole' Canuck.. A well made, WELL acted film @rwwildone I'm not sure why you quit on it but you missed a good film my friend..

The Walking Dead ( 2 hours ago )

omgitsgail : Episode was crap! For an hour and a half one important thing happened! Very disappointing. 3/10 and thats a stretch

Shameless ( 2 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : Not allot of laughs in this episode. Realistic, but somewhat sad.

A Stranger Things Christmas ( 2 hours ago )

augusts1 : Excellent, creative and funny short vid! Thanks to the uploaders!

They Call Me Jeeg Robot ( 2 hours ago )

knightslayer57 : Great story and characters. This is the kind of anti-hero I like to see.

Bullet Head ( 2 hours ago )

asreal : this was a pretty good evening flick, NMO, bit off a decent: C+.

Your Worst Nightmare ( 2 hours ago )

twdfan : This guy has been on death row for 30 years! It's time already.

Counterpart ( 2 hours ago )

ateras360 : Straight to favorites just because I loved the movie Whiplash haha!

Fall of Grayskull ( 2 hours ago )

Jobiwan : I made it 5 minutes and I feel like I was being generous.

Shameless ( 2 hours ago )

fatal_rage1 : I cant believe how shitty fiona is being. I get she was upset when Debbie choose to keep the baby but she cant punish her forever. how can she barely have a relationship with her teenage sister who has a baby. her 1st & only niece. i love my nephew & lil sister so much that if i owned an apartment building i would let them live in a suite & pay for just the utilities & get her to put the rest of what she woulda had to pay for rent anywhere else into a savings and buy a car 1st then save up for house deposit which she could have in like 5 years & help my sister grow into a responsible adult. fiona raises the rent for yuppies and lets a couple she doesnt even know live there for cheap why not extend that favor to her own family. this family used gto be about supporting each other. now it feels like every1 is on their own.. :(

Counterpart ( 2 hours ago )

abmonfort : I gained a floored new respect for JK Simmons after watching "Whiplash," so trust his choices with material. He doesn't disappoint in this dual role. His posture, facial expressions - everything. Remarkable actor. Good opener for a potentially meaty tale, too. Chck Imdb link, huge int'l cast and crew. This should be fun!

Shameless ( 2 hours ago )

cjackson674 : I've got

Counterpart ( 2 hours ago )

sleuthsnoopy : Awesome! I miss Can't wait for more. And despite some saying bad writing for the flower, it was actually good because...yes it furthered the plot but also added the Human factor to the equation and the jarring affect something like that would have on the psyche.

Madam Secretary ( 2 hours ago )

MontyFly : Great episode. Even though I know this is fiction it still lifted my spirits when I heard the fictional president say the US and China have ratified ...

Christmas in Boston ( 3 hours ago )

nineteen63 : Life was so confusing in 2005, but the payoff was worth it. This was such a sweet movie, it made me laugh and nothing makes me laugh anymore. 5/5

Outlander ( 3 hours ago )

alyssarcastic : In the eye of a hurricane there is quiet, for just a moment.

Marvel's The Punisher ( 3 hours ago )

AceHall : I'm glad that @overfiend said that about the punishing. I was ready to give up! It's great to get SOME backstory...over TIME. And it's great to establish how he got to where he is now. But ONE WHOLE EPISODE WASTED TALKING TO A NAKED MAN IN A CHAIR?! NO!!! That is simply ridiculous, and was just a way to stretch the storyline so thin that it was ready to SNAP! And THEN an episode about how he got his information. And THEN an episode about how he got his adrenaline and extra push. And THEN an episode about how he obtained his weaponry. Etc., etc., etc... BORING!!!

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Lucy18960 : A positive episode across the board. I really enjoy this show. Always lots of l ...

Marvel's Iron Fist

vonwafer234 : Man, they missed what could've been even more iconic if they showed the reaction ...

Wisdom of the Crowd

dmiller458 : How many times is Hollywood going to remake Person of Interest badly?

The Walking Dead

the_real_rmc : I think dwight should have ran off...He knows all about the saviours territory.. ...

The Walking Dead

elb11 : Not sure what I watched here but the only thing that really mattered was the las ...

The Walking Dead

MICHAELMYERS : why did carl have to lose his eye ... its f up watching it .. i bet writer ...

The Walking Dead

shakadechamp : seriously annoying

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